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Andy Kowalski

Andy is an International and Accredited Coach & Mentor who focuses on the STEM market and helps those who come to him for advice and direction. He has spent over 40 years in HEI sector so is well aware of the challenges that are present there and also in the wider business community. Given the current situation with the pandemic, the number of people losing their posts due to companies failing he is willing to help those who are left shocked and distressed by the whole process.

He also has experience in Chemistry, H&S, Management and Procurement of goods and services in the above sector. His focus is on you the customer and his tag line is Your Success is my Mission! Andy is also bilingual and helped many of the new post A8 arrivals in the UK with career challenges and speaks Polish fluently. He also belongs to the local Chamber of Trade and Commerce and also PBlink which is a Polish Business Network organization based in the UK.

He is also involved with promoting STEM subjects in both Poland and Tanzania, done some talks at local schools and colleges on the applications of STEM in the global economies. He also sits on the RSC’s Management Group as an adviser on topics relating to the interface between Chemistry

and Management.

Services Offered

Coaching and Mentoring in STEM sector with regard to Career Progression starting at Graduate level and moving onto Masters and Doctoral areas. These start from an initial Coaching Taster session, an Introductory Coaching session and then more advanced sessions which can lead from 3-6 months, depending on need and commitment over time.

Andy has also been involved extensively in mentoring both at Loughborough University where he was involved with the Brightside Trust helping young students with A level preparation, the Social Mobility Foundation with similar work and also mentoring undergraduates students in Chemistry from his former department.

He is also retained by the RSC Careers Service and providing mentoring support for two postgraduates working overseas, one in Cameroon and the other in Uganda.


“When I was looking for a job, I found Andy who suggested help and support. I was happy someone can help me with my CV and also with my job search. It turned out that Andy gave me a very professionally written CV review with comments what to correct and how it should be done. I was very much delighted with his support. Moreover, he also patiently listened to my comments about job search and chatted with me about my job hunt, which I was so grateful for that. Thank you so much for such a professional treatment!"

Dr Jacek Lapinski - Corrosion Lead at Bramble Energy 

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