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New Mindset New Result. Self Development

Better goals, decisions, outcomes & relationships

Executive Coaching

Are you struggling with leading in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous)? Are you finding that previous ways of working are defunct? There is a greater need now more than ever for businesses to develop their leadership capability for successful business growth and sustainability. As a trusted coach and advisor, I am a critical thinking partner and sounding board, helping you and your team to drive business performance. Have more clarity & control over:

  • establishing & taking action towards achieving your personal and/or business goals; gaining more satisfaction

  • becoming more self-reliant / building resilience

  • leading your team more effectively 

  • developing new strategies for problem solving

  • taking greater responsibility & accountability for your actions and commitments

  • interacting more easily & productively with others; and

  • communicating more effectively

Career Coaching

Are you feeling stuck in a rut? Are you lacking confidence in terms of being able to move your career forward? Do you have a big dream that you want to turn into reality? I can help you to clarify your career goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, develop strategies for overcoming each obstacle and develop the confidence to achieve your career goals:

  • find your meaning & purpose

  • identify your core values

  • identify your unique selling point

  • market yourself / personal branding

  • career planning / job searching

Insights Tools - Emotional Intelligence

The Emotional Capital Report & 360 feedback assessments can be incorporated to provide you with invaluable insights such as affirming strengths, discovering hidden strengths & unearthing any blind spots. Through Coaching we will explore strategies that will help you to develop Emotional Intelligence competencies for greater impact with your teams, stakeholders & customers.

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