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Client Feedback

Below is a selection of client feedback that shows various outcomes of what you can expect from my Coaching & NLP services. 

Coaching Testimonials

NLP Breakthrough Day Testimonial

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) helps to detect and modify unconscious biases or limitations of an individual's map of the world. It operates through the conscious use of language to bring about changes in someone's thoughts and behaviour. 

NLP Breakthrough - Children's NLP Coach

"I remember feeling quite nervous before my Breakthrough Experience with Gemma...I cannot now remember why! She immediately put me at ease, creating a calm and relaxing space where I could talk openly, freely, and safely. I can liken the experience to the feeling of removing a weighty rucksack containing all your worldly possessions after the longest hike of your life. Gemma seemed to have my baggage sorted out, organised, condensed, or completely removed where necessary. And the freedom that has followed since that day has been liberating in ways, I didn’t even know I needed. 

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