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Be bold, be brave, just do it...

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

I was sat in London in May last year on day 4 of a 6 days NLP Practitioner course when it just popped into my head unconsciously - I'm going to leave full-time employment and set up my own business doing what I love and what I know I'm good at. Just like that...

Rewind to the previous week and a close work colleague had been telling me that many people who undertook NLP training experienced a life changing moment. I only half listened as I didn't think something like that could have such a profound impact. I was now faced with returning to work and admitting that he had been right (oh how he would remind me at any opportune moment) and that I'd had one of those 'moments'. Interestingly, when I walked into his office he said he could see it in my face and feel it in my presence before I'd even opened my mouth.

Roll on 9 months and I'm following my dream as I launch my Coaching & Consultancy business! I've had a mix of reactions from family, friends, colleagues and new acquaintances - fantastic, I wish I had your courage, that's really brave, about time, I think you're amazing, how will you earn enough money to support yourself, what if you don't attract clients, you've never done this before, what you need to do... can I come work for you? Despite some nervous but well intended reactions, in my heart I know that this is my passion and what I want to focus my energy and time on undoubtedly.

Man sat on the edge of a cliff in a sunset contemplating life perhaps
Take a leap of faith...

We all have so much potential that we're either not aware of or don't know how to access, or we let limiting beliefs hold us back. I love being able to help people to become more self-aware, for them to grow in confidence and make changes in their life for the better. I believe in this as I've experienced it myself through excellent coaching, great mentors and a better understanding of myself through self-awareness.

And if I don't quite pull it off, that's OK - I'd rather have tried and failed than be full of regret for not taking a jump and having a try...

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