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Executive Coaching

Hina, Partner

“The coaching sessions explored my motivations and priorities allowing me to express what was important in my career and to help me to drive this forward. I struggled to express what I was aiming for and Gemma helped me to articulate this by creating time and space to think. Gemma's particular strength is that she understands professional practice and challenges respectively. I found her questioning insightful and this allowed me to express the barriers that I face, helping me to focus and articulate the great commercial impact that I have.”

Jon, Sales Director

“Gemma and I struck up a working relationship when she offered to help me by providing some coaching. I was unsure at first as to the benefit that this would add, purely down to my narrow mindedness but it soon became apparent that through a combination of Gemmas processes and proactiveness, I really was benefitting from our time together. I ended up looking forward to our conversations and it helped me to put things into perspective and resulted in me taking steps to address my work life balance. This in turn has had a positive impact on my family, which has made my output and productivity at work even better. Gemma is an asset to any business looking to improve the calibre of their executive team..”

Pete, Sales Director

“Over the last few years I have worked on many projects with Gemma but her approach and drive to ensure a full and rich learning experience through her coaching skills had ensured employee retention that in many cases has unlocked an individuals potential leading to promotions and employee satisfaction. Gemma quickly puts people at ease and gains the trust of her coachees leading to creative structured sessions. Her skill in unlocking the potential of others has been a pleasure to observe and experience. I would highly recommend her for any business that recognises the importance of employee development.”

Business Coaching

Claudine, Start-up

“Gemma's coaching style is supportive, collaborative, and focused on her client's future vision and goals. Gemma does a fantastic job of creating a safe space. Working with Gemma was a fantastic and valuable experience for me. She quickly established rapport and created a trusting and supportive platform for our sessions. I benefited greatly from Gemma's strong intuitive approach and empowering questions. During our sessions together, I further developed my coaching story as well as focused on building elements of my business. The time spent with Gemma was truly invaluable. ”

Akwese, Solopreneur Scale-up

“Working with Gemma was such a delight. During each session I felt fully held, seen and supported. Her coaching style is both practical and holistic. She is able to provide direct support that gets to the root of an issue while creating a spacious environment with full presence. In working with Gemma I've gained a deeper awareness of where I'm getting in my own way and I've been given specific tools to help bring organization to my work. Any one looking for a skilled coach with a warm and welcoming presence should reach out to Gemma! ”

Alicia, Business Owner

“Gemma provided me with coaching during a transition when I was working and starting out with my own business. She helped me to see better my strengths and weaknesses, and helped me to work more effectively by focusing and prioritising areas that would take my business forward and help me to build a solid foundation. Helping me to make the shift from employee to full-time business Director.”

Life Coaching & NLP Breakthrough

Ravi, Business Owner

“Recently I was incredibly lucky to have some coaching sessions with Gemma which I thought were just brilliant! Gemma would always leave me with something to ponder and think about, the day after every session, powerful things would play in my mind. I think it's fair to say that I had some quite compelling realisations about myself, my thought process and how I would like to live my life. I cannot underestimate how incredibly powerful this was for me. Gemma listens to what you say, but she sees and hears the unsaid as well. She was able to pinpoint gems of information. She challenged me in every conversation, and really made me breakdown my own self-limiting beliefs that have since helped me to take action in these areas! I think Gemma has great insight into understanding behaviours that then help you make necessary changes. I think Gemma is brilliant.”

Tess, Coach

"I remember feeling quite nervous before my Breakthrough Experience with Gemma...I cannot now remember why! She immediately put me at ease, creating a calm and relaxing space where I could talk openly, freely and safely. I can liken the experience to the feeling of removing a weighty rucksack containing all your worldly possessions after the longest hike of your life. Gemma seemed to have my baggage sorted out, organised, condensed or completely removed where necessary. And the freedom that has followed since that day has been liberating in ways I didn’t even know I needed. 


Thanks to her sensitive yet practical approach, Gemma helped me make sense of my insecurities, completely transforming the ways I had learned to understand myself and reshaping my perspective into something much more resourceful. I know now where to focus my efforts, what elements need editing and what negative thoughts to dispel. Gemma’s help, motivation and support have meant a surge in confidence and renewed energy for me which I have channelled into achieving the goals we set out as part of that day. A Breakthrough Day with Gemma is a very thorough and intensely rewarding experience and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Personally speaking, it’s a great comfort knowing I can call upon Gemma if I’m ever in need of a steady hand".


“With over 12 years HR experience, I decided to take a career break following Covid-19 pandemic. After a year out & wanting to get back into the job market, I decided to take up coaching sessions with Gemma, a former colleague of mine at Drax. Gemma has helped me massively with building my self confidence & realising my full potential. She is really knowledgeable and highly supportive. I have learnt great tips along the way to help me in my search for work & coming out of my comfort zone, both personally & professionally. I have made great progress all thanks to Gemma & I would highly recommend her.”

Projects & Programmes

Claire, Head of HRBP

“Gemma did a fantastic job implementing career pathways and the SFIA framework for Drax IT function. She hit the ground running very quickly and worked exceptionally hard to deliver this project in a challenging timescale. I can highly recommend Gemma who was exceptionally strong in translating the brief, project & programme management, building key relationships quickly, collaborating & creativity. .”

Ricardo, Consultant

It was an absolute pleasure working with Gemma on the Career Pathway deployment for Drax IT. She brought solid experience and real insight which helped us to get great engagement with key stakeholders, the wider IT function and importantly our Career Pathway champion community; who were empowered and enabled to drive awareness of the value that comes from putting time into one's development and adoption of the actual career pathways capability that we integrated into the HR systems. I'd wholly recommend Gemma and welcome the opportunity to work with her again :-)!

Paul, VP HR

"The UK & Ire Sales organisation was facing a crisis of succession planning. To meet this challenge, Gemma conceptualised, developed and led the UK & Ire Business Academy.  Its role was simple; to provide a methodology of surfacing talent within the organisation who may be unknown to management & provide them with a year-long course of self-learning, exposure to senior management, career development planning, together with team work on real, live business problems.  


It has had a major impact on the UK & Ire organisation’s succession & leadership plan.  Alongside other management and leadership programs, it has become an aspirational learning opportunity to attract staff to think about a career in higher management. After running the program for 6 years, when the company looks at its organisational progression, it recognises the Business Academy that Gemma developed and led as being a "Best in Class" in terms of recognising new talent in the organisation."

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