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Client Feedback

Below is a selection of client feedback that shows various outcomes of what you can expect from my Coaching & NLP services. 

Coaching Testimonials

If you're unsure whether coaching is right for you or you're curious about what it's like to work with me and what you can achieve by us working together, read on...

Career Coaching - Public Health Trainee

"Gemma's coaching was enjoyable and highly beneficial to my career decision making and my understanding of my strengths. The sessions helped me to better identify the types of roles that I am well suited for and the areas and topic for which it would be useful to seek further experience and training.


Gemma is supportive, encouraging and an excellent listener. She is very knowledgeable about organisational, management and leadership theory and I benefited from our discussions relating to these. I would highly recommend career coaching with Gemma to anyone."

Leadership Coaching - Sales Director

"Over the last few years, I have worked on many projects with Gemma  but her approach and drive to ensure a full and rich learning experience through her coaching skills have ensured employee retention that in many cases has unlocked an individual's potential leading to promotions and employee satisfaction.

Gemma quickly puts people at ease and gains the trust of her coaches leading to creative structured sessions. Her skill in unlocking the potential of others has been a pleasure to observe and experience. I would highly recommend her for any business that recognises the importance of employee development."

Business Coaching - Business Owner

“Working with Gemma was such a delight. During each session I felt fully held, seen, and supported. Her coaching style is both practical and holistic. She is able to provide direct support that gets to the root of an issue while creating a spacious environment with full presence.


In working with Gemma, I've gained a deeper awareness of where I'm getting in my own way, and I've been given specific tools to help bring organization to my work. Anyone looking for a skilled coach with a warm and welcoming presence should reach out to Gemma!” 

Life Coaching - Business Owner

"Recently I was incredibly lucky to have some coaching sessions with Gemma which I thought were just brilliant! Gemma would always leave me with something to ponder and think about, the day after every session, powerful things would play in my mind. I think it's fair to say that I had some quite compelling realisations about myself, my thought process and how I would like to live my life. I cannot underestimate how incredibly powerful this was for me...


NLP Breakthrough - Children's NLP Coach

"I remember feeling quite nervous before my Breakthrough Experience with Gemma...I cannot now remember why! She immediately put me at ease, creating a calm and relaxing space where I could talk openly, freely, and safely. I can liken the experience to the feeling of removing a weighty rucksack containing all your worldly possessions after the longest hike of your life. Gemma seemed to have my baggage sorted out, organised, condensed, or completely removed where necessary. And the freedom that has followed since that day has been liberating in ways, I didn’t even know I needed... 

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