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Coaching Programmes for Women

You are a flamingo in a flock of ordinary birds

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Meet the Team

I'm super excited to be able to collaborate with the wonderfully talented Lisa Allden on these programmes. We first met when we did our Coaching training together back in 2017 and soon realised that we both share a similar passion, values and vision when it comes to coaching.

Our programmes are an inward and outward journey  for women whereby we provide a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space for personal and professional growth with a wonderful group of peers.

Why are our programmes tailored to women only?

Through our own experiences, observations and feedback from female clients, we are aware that there are a lot of brilliant women out there who don't feel they have a voice, lack confidence, are often held back by self-limiting beliefs and/or imposter syndrome, but they have so much potential. We know how powerful the impact of coaching, psychological safety, and being in a group of likeminded inspirational women can be and that's why we created these programmes for women/leaders.

Reset Retreat: The Next Chapter

Are you feeling stuck, unfulfilled or frustrated in your career and/or life? Are you at a crossroads? Do you crave for more but feel held back or lost?


Our Reset Retreat provides you with the space, tools, techniques and support to unlock yourself and move forward with purpose, clarity and energy. What can you expect? 

  • Experienced Career & Leadership Coaches / Facilitators

  • Self-awareness deep dive and insight tools 

  • Self-reflection activities

  • Group, 1-2-1 and peer coaching, including walking coaching

  • Peer learning and networking

  • Relaxation and renewal 

  • Action Planning & accountability

  • Ongoing support

Set in the beautiful Market Bosworth Hall Hotel our Reset Retreat is facilitated across 2 days and includes dinner, bed, breakfast, lunch and refreshments, parking and wifi. Click below for more information and testimonials from previous attendees. 

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Women in Leadership Program

This programme is built around 4 core pillars which are facilitated during 4 separate days across a period of 12 months. Each day includes co-coaching and action learning sets:

  • Self-awareness - personality type, core values, professional identity & branding

  • Self-acceptance - internal barriers (self-belief) & external barriers (gender bias & ED&I)

  • Self-management - emotional intelligence & female empowerment

  • Self-development - strengths based & future vision

​Delegates will experience the power of group and peer coaching, in addition to 1-2-1 coaching. They will develop coaching skills and build a toolkit of coaching and NLP tools and techniques that can be applied to their leadership role and enhance team performance.


Through introspection, delegates will enhance their self-awareness and understanding of how to motivate and influence others. They will have an increased sense of their strengths and self-confidence in their abilities and leadership capability.

This programme can be tailored and facilitated in-house or externally.

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