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Calling all budding Coaches

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

It was a real honour to be asked to contribute to the Personal & Professional Development section of July/August’s Niche Magazine. As a result of studying the Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Coaching at Leicester Castle Business School, it has taken me on such a journey of personal and professional transformation, culminating in me taking a huge leap of faith.

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Personal & Professional Transformation

PG-Certificate in Professional Coaching

I chose the course at De Montfort University having studied there previously on a couple of other occasions and knowing what to expect in terms of teaching quality and ongoing support. The appeal this time around was the mix of academic and practitioner theory and application, an exciting curriculum and the fabulous learning environment of the Castle Business School. The course is also accredited by the Association for Coaching which was an important factor for me in terms of training within an appropriate framework of standards and ethical practice.

Personal Development

The course provides tools, techniques and reflection opportunities for greater self-awareness. Due to the supportive nature of the Course Directors and fellow Course colleagues, a safe learning environment is provided which allows you to take bolder risks in terms of digging deep to celebrate your strengths, recognise and own areas of development, take greater accountability going forward and to dream bigger. I personally learnt to listen more effectively, to take more time to reflect and to take greater ownership; it also increased my confidence overall. I apply many of the theories and techniques to my everyday life when faced with challenges which enables me to work through them more quickly.

Professional Development

The course provides a solid foundation in terms of theory and practice, tools and techniques, the importance of coaching supervision and working ethically in the coaching field. As the article highlights, the course content is truly contemporary and up to date and this really ignited my appetite to learn as much as possible and to experiment with my coaching. From a professional perspective, clients can be assured that you are appropriately trained through a reputable business school and on a programme endorsed by the Association for Coaching (AC). Post-course there is the option to become a fully accredited member of the AC which requires ongoing coaching supervision and a re-evaluation of your practice at intervals which again provides reassurance for your clients in terms of the integrity of your practice.

What did I do with it all?

- I went on to learn more about NLP to further compliment my coaching toolkit

- I undertook further training with Nancy Kline on her Time to Think foundation course

- I left full-time employment and set up my own business, Talenta Ltd, providing business coaching and strategic HR consultancy services

- From September I am taking on a voluntary role as Co-Facilitator for one of the AC local Co- Coaching Forums (Nottingham & Derby) which supports my continuing professional development as it’s an opportunity to learn, practice and reflect with fellow coaches

In summary...

If you are a budding coach or looking to enhance your coaching experience and skills to date, are curious about the evolvement of coaching practices and want to be in a great learning environment, take a look at the Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Coaching.

If you are interested in attending the Co-Coaching Forum, email me for further details at Please bear in mind that this is an AC member benefit, however non-members of the AC can attend a couple of sessions as a trial before deciding whether to become a full AC member to continue with this benefit.


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